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„Amat victoria curam / A győzelem szereti a felkészülést.”

You can have either a big company or a start-up business, our goal is always to serve your organization with the most flexible and precise solutions that suit for business goals. We are passionate of efficiency and a solution-oriented way of thinking.

We know that businesses does not need complicated explanations, questions and problems, but simple and fast legal support.

With our youthful approach and practical experience we can offer our clients efficient, client-oriented and flexible legal solutions in several fields of law.

We also help our clients navigate among the complex world of law supplying them with effective and unique legal solutions.

We offer for our clients a new approach to legal services. Instead of formality, we are characterized by efficient and direct communication, instead of voluminous legal statements, by solution-oriented thinking that supports their business processes.

We believe in our clients' businesses and know that they also trust us to help and support them in achieving their business goals

At Bernathlegal, we offer fast, precise and creative legal support for all of these.

Beside Hungarian language, we also provide all our services in English and in Spanish, so our customers can easily cross the borders and execute export activities. .

dr. Bernáth Balázs

dr. Bernáth Balázs



I have completed my legal studies at the Faculty of Law and Political Science of the Pázmány Péter Catholic University in Budapest, and obtained my law degree finally in 2018.

After graduating from university, I expanded my professional experience as a candidate lawyer in law firms of various profiles (in both litigation and non-litigation areas), where I had the opportunity to deepen my usual lawyer skills and participate in the legal support of many market-leading, internationally known companies.

My expertise are mainly the company law and handling the legal disputes, which are the most common problems of our clients.

I always try to find the most efficient and personalized legal solutions for each clients in order to ease their daily work. .

dr. Bernáth Ferenc Gergely

dr. Bernáth Gergely Ferenc



I gradueted at the Faculty of Law and Political Science of the Eötvös Loránd University, and obtained my legal qualification in 2018.

I gained my professional experience mainly in international law firms and at large companies, so I was able to deepen my knowledge in special law areas too such as media and advertising law, as well as data protection.

The years spent with providing legal support to business decision-makers have taught me that it is also important to understand the needs and expectations of the clients besides the legal way of thinking.

Together with my brother, Dr. Balázs Bernáth, we always dreamed about founding our joint law office that now come true.